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Acupressure - Massage - Personal Yoga Instruction - Meditation

You know that feeling after a great massage? That is like our natural baseline of relaxed being. How often do we find ourselves in that state of experience? Massage and therapeutic bodywork not only addresses tension & pain within the body, it leaves us with a deeper sense of peace, a deeper sense of ourself. Just as we are all unique in our body structure and personal character, so too are our needs for healing. Using a variety of custom assessment techniques, I begin each session by listening to the body. The techniques used draw from over 1000 hours of training in modalities such as Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tui Na, Swedish, Abhyanga, Deep Tissue, Chi Nei Tsang, and more. Single modality sessions as well as customized work is available. The goal of each session is to assist the body's natural inclination towards harmony and balance.

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